Amritha Shakti – Take Me Home (2020)

Amritha Shakti moved our souls with the bittersweet tale of ‘Sweet Kind of Sadness’. Now, with the last song from her debut EP ‘Take Me Home’, she works through the healing process she went through in her twenties. The single offers a glimpse into who Shakti is and her journey to this point.

While very personal, there is a lot that everyone can relate to in the lyrics. The accompanying music video was shot over two years ago and offers a visual representation of the journey she has taken. Through these visuals, she continues to give you a glimpse into her life.

‘Take Me Home’ draws you in with Shakti’s vocals. Her powerful and sultry performance grabs you from the first second and does not let you go. The flow of her vocals has this wonderful soulful vibe to it that you can just get into so easily. There is something about her performance that sinks into your soul and has you closing your eyes to take her voice in. The power of her voice draws you into the lyrics while you explore the emotions she pumps into you.

While the song starts with her vocals alone, the melody that filters in below adds to the sultry and soulful tone. The movement of the music also bolsters her voice as you are swept up in the flow of the song. Later in the track, the melody takes on a different undertone as Shakti’s vocals turn from English to Tamil. This is a great addition that furthers the glimpse into her journey to who she is today.

The accompanying music video sets the stage as the pressure of life is created in the opening scene. The clocks and book called The Script are a visual representation of this pressure and the feeling that time for something new is running out. Throughout the music video, there are some abstract and symbolic representations of everything that society wants you to do by a certain age. However, the act of moving on from this is wonderfully created through Shakti’s walk across the sands of life.

Amritha Shakti works through the healing process she went through in her twenties in ‘Take Me Home’. The soulful tones of her vocals effortless draw you into the journey while the addition of Tamil lyrics closer to the end adds a little something special. The music video for the single offers a great visual representation of her journey packed full of symbolism and movement.

Find out more about Amritha Shakti on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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