Andreas Jansson – Sing for the World (2021)

There are a lot of things in life that can bring you down and fill you with serious negative vibes. ‘Sing for the World’ by Andreas Jansson is not one of them as it is infused with positivity, happiness and the unique freedom that we all have. As an anthem for unity, love and joy, the single fills you with the joy of being alive and the gratitude for everything that you have.

With his own unique voice, Jansson fills each note of the track with his passion for music which he has been honing since he was 5 years old. Since singing on the radio at such a young age, he has been riding the feeling of music. While this is his debut English single, he showcases a depth of musicality that makes you think he is an old hand at this.

Jansson’s vocals send shivers through you from the first moment of ‘Sing for the World’. His voice has a haunting quality to it that captures your senses before he calls out against the darkness of the world. The lyrics are captivating as he fills you with the sense that everything is possible and all you need to do is reach for it. As you ride the flow of his voice, you are filled with a blinding light that sits like a warm ember in the centre of your chest. By the end of the track, he has you looking at all the good in the world and seeing the joy that life can bring.

As you shiver to his opening line, there is a gentle swell of music and a creeping piano line. The softness of the opening is like dawn slowly sending the remnants of night fleeing in its brilliance. The softness of dawn remains on the chorus while the vocals call out. The shuffling beats that come in on the second verse enhance the passionate vocals that let you know that there are good things in life. The simplicity of the melody is beautiful and really highlights the vocals in the best way.

Andreas Jansson has you shivering to his voice while he fills you with the warmth of joy and the threads of unity in ‘Sing for the World’. There is a captivating power to his voice that softly sinks into you with a brilliant light and warmth. The simplicity of the melody highlights the passion of his vocals for an utterly enthralling single.

Find out more about Andreas Jansson on his Facebook and Spotify.   

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