C-Beem – Tumbleweed in Tinseltown (2020)

C-Beem has been involved in music since childhood when he formed a punk-rock band with his two brothers. Through the following decades, he has played with various bands and projects as a vocalist and keyboard player. He then started releasing music as C-Beem and is currently working on his second album. His latest release ‘Tumbleweed in Tinseltown’ has an assured place in the album and is ready to get you excited.

The track is inspired by the collective idea that dreams can come true if we work hard enough. In this song, this notion is seen as porous as a tumbleweed rolling in random directions on the dusty waves. The imagery is that of the classic Hollywood dreamer who is waiting for their crucial break.

‘Tumbleweed in Tinseltown’ has a very happy synth-pop opening that is reminiscent of post-punk 80s acts like Depeche Mode and New Order. The beat and wavering synths really get you into the mood of the track. The driving beat and synths are present throughout the song which drives you through it.

While the melody of the track is fairly upbeat, the lyrics are a different story. They tell the tale of someone trying to achieve his goals but struggling to do so. There is an untethered feel to the lyrics which is highlighted by the vocal performance.

C-Beem combines happy synths, pop beats and engaging vocals to drive the metaphor of ‘Tumbleweed in Tinseltown’. The upbeat melody of the track is a cover for the decidedly less happy lyrics. Together they create an excellent dichotomy that drives the message of the song.

Find out more about C-Beem on his Twitter, YouTube and Spotify.

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