Mundo Park – All Seemed Well (2021)

Mundo Park are back after some soul-searching with their single ‘All Seemed Well. Looking at the transience of love, the band brings a new passion to their music. Through the tones of the track, they counter love being a supplication with the beacon of hope that it also offers. This multi-faceted view of the emotion highlights the different dimensions of the band’s sound.

Since releasing their debut album in 2017, the five members of the band felt that their lives didn’t fit together anymore. After a period of uncertainty, the band is back as a trio creating the music that speaks to their souls. Exploring musical boundaries, the three friends who met in high school are breathing a new life into their music.

‘All Seemed Well’ has a floating opening that draws you in on the gentle waves of a breeze. The guitar breathes against the drums like petals drifting on the wind. There is a great movement to the melody that is touching and all sunshine tones. Through the arrangement of the music, you are drawn to a cresting light. This is a perfect sonic accompaniment to the lyrics and the dual feelings that love can bring.

While the movement of the melody has you riding the breeze of the track, the vocals fill you with the colours of the story. The initial vocal line is filled with countering feelings of encompassing love and the sadness love lost can bring. There is an amazing weaving of emotions in the vocals that bring the light of love and the darker underside to your mind. As the vocals rise into the air, they take your senses with them. The harmonising vocals capture the currents of the breeze created by the melody and let you glide along them.

Mundo Park are back with a single that offers an interesting duality to love in ‘All Seemed Well’. While the melody is a gentle breeze that has you floating like petals in the wind, the vocals wrap you in emotions. The vocal performance is amazing as it captures both the bliss of love and the pain that it can cause.

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