Andreas S Jensen – Love & War (2020)

Andreas S Jensen has a long history as a pop writer and producer. He is also a busy live musician who has toured extensively across the world. Singles from his debut album received good radio play and great reviews. He is now back with his latest single ‘Love & War’.

The song was inspired by his many visits to The House Of Songs in Austin, Texas. The track describes the battle to reclaim a lost love in full alt-country style. It also features Duston Welch on slide guitar and fingerpicking as well as Jack Cowens and Dave Oliver on drums.

‘Love & War’ sets the tone with crickets, drums and fingerpicking that get you into the beat. The melody throughout the song is big and anthemic. The country-rock vibe grabs you and propels you through the song. There are some moments of raging guitars that make you want to move.

Jensen’s vocals are intimate and make you think of someone singing around a fire. There is an epic nature to his performance that transports you to a different place. The song uses picturesque lyrics to build the scene while describing a battle for lost love.

Andreas S Jensen takes you back to the old west with a battle for lost love in ‘Love & War’. The song uses lyrical imagery as metaphors for internal fights and worries. The music is captivating and anthemic.

Find out more about Andreas S Jensen on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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