A Chat with Victor Perry (06.07.2020)

Victor Perry grew up singing in church and has been an active musician for the last seven years. Drawing on a range of influences, he uses his amazing range to tell multifaceted stories in his songs. His latest release ‘What I Deserve’ continues this and is the first off his upcoming EP Rewind. We sat down with Victor Perry (VP) to talk about the track, his music and much more!

OSR: What made you realise that you wanted to be a musician?

VP: I have always had music in my life. It has surrounded me, nurtured me and taught me the very basics of life. Both my parents are musicians and I grew up singing in the church. For me, it was only the natural thing to do.

OSR: If you didn’t become a musician, what would you be doing right now?

VP: Hm, well, I’m a middle school teacher, so I’m sure I’d continue doing that. I love it too!

OSR: Did you write ‘What I Deserve’ based on personal experience?

VP: Yes. Everything that I write comes from within and is usually tied to something personal. Although the song may sound like it’s based on a relationship, which I’m totally fine with that as an interpretation, it’s about my own journey with understanding how to love myself.

OSR: If you had the power to change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?

VP: There’s so many things that I would change. As of lately, with the increase in police brutality, the “woke” uprise from other communities in support for the Black Lives Matter Movement, I would rid the world of racism.

OSR: How does ‘What I Deserve’ fit in with your other music?

VP: In particular, this is the centrepiece for my EP, Rewind. It’s got the right amount of soul with electronic vibes to really bring the entire vibe together so smoothly.

OSR: What makes your music unique?

VP: That’s a tough question. I think there’s a lot of unique music out there! I think for me, I just sing from what I know and what I feel. If others connect then that’s the cherry on the cake!

Victor Perry

OSR: What type of music would we find on your personal playlist?

VP: Oh, a wide range of music. You’d be surprised most likely. I love all music. So, you might hear some ‘Misty’ from Sarah Vaughn, or ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’ from Dio, all the way to my favourites from Whitney Houston to Billie Ellish, Rhye, and RY X. I just love music.

OSR: Do you think you could get any better as a musician? If so, how would you achieve that?

VP: Oh, absolutely. There are so many things I want to improve, my songwriting and production, oh and my mixing: all of it. This is a journey and I’ve just gotten started. Right now, I’ve been working on building and understanding my voice. It’s the instrument I use, and I must know it’s every facet if I want to continue on this journey towards being the very best musician I can be!

OSR: Why did you choose to donate the proceeds of ‘What I Deserve’ to the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund?

VP: It felt necessary. I wanted to support the Black Lives Matter Movement in the way that I knew best. I share my Black Art with the world. It’s only right that I too take part to help change this world that we live in. I’ve learned that we all have our unique ways and abilities and platforms. We must use this and work within this space. Together we can garner change especially when we’re strong in what we believe.

OSR: What are your future plans?

VP: I’m constantly working on new music. I’ve got about 5 different projects I’m working on with some amazing producers from all around the world. One project, in particular, is my 1st album and I’m really excited about that!

Thanks to Victor Perry for chatting with us! You can find more about him on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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