Andrew Adkins – Save The Day (2020)

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Andrew Adkins is proof that Nashville is not all about country music. Entering the music industry several years ago (we’re not saying how long), Adkins co-founded the blues-infused Mellow Down Easy and gritty-rock group Lions For Real. In fact, Lions For Real made so many waves in the music industry that it caught the attention of actor Ryan Gosling’s indie label Werewolf Heart Records – how cool is that? Unfortunately, the bands dissolved leaving Adkins uncertain of his music career. This did not deter Adkins and since 2013 he has turned over several solo albums to critical acclaim. The latest addition to his repertoire is ‘Save The Day’.

The follow-up to his single ‘Vagabond Shoes’, ‘Save The Day’ is a genre-defying track from the talented Adkins. Combining his experience in bands with different styles, Adkins fuses blues, rock and soul into just under four minutes of superb, mind-blowing sound. Recorded at his home studio in East Nashville, ‘Save The Day’ is the second track off the upcoming album The Echoist.

Written over one year ago, ‘Save The Day’ was already a rather poignant and lamentable track searching for a hero in a time of despair; however, releasing the single in today’s current global climate seems more apt. Dealing with civil unrest, political protests, a chaotic society and the global pandemic, 2020 is one of the most ominous periods in recent history. In my opinion, the distress and devastation facing people certainly calls out for a hero. Andrew Adkins may not be Superman, but his soothing instrumentation with dulcet tones can save our souls in some small way.

For more from Andrew Adkins check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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