Angelic Circus – Open to the Future (2021)

As the last EP in a series, Open to the Future tells the final act of a story about a woman forming a new life. This arc of the story sees the woman tuning into the whispers of the future and moving forward to the new sparks of life. While part of a greater tale, the EP is engaging on its own and draws you into a journey toward a higher purpose in life.

This multiple EP spanning story comes from Galit Aufgang (vocals, keyboard), Rami Moscovich (guitar, keyboards) and Eran Peres (bass, vocals). Formed in 2018, this dream-pop trio share a drive to create music that captures their passion for what they do. With the last releases gaining them radio play and addition to playlists, they are set to pull you into their exploratory world.

The story of the EP begins with ‘Quiet’ that slowly leads you into the twinkling lights of the soundscape. The gentle awaking of the glittering tones draws you from silence into a delicate pastel experience of soft tones and light feelings. The tender electronic tones twinkle like light glinting off dew as the track brings the feeling of a new day breaking. There is an uplifting feeling to the music that makes you think about the world waking with the soft chirp of birds and the chill air of the early morning.

The softness of the opening moves into ‘Hope of the Future’ that has an earthier feeling. The vocals have a wonderful grounded feeling that meanders through your senses as the melody beckons you down a path in the woods. There is a forward movement to the track that leads you effortlessly toward the light flitting at the end of the path. The melody is really interesting as it offers a soft yet experimental feeling that moves from soft exploration to synths packed with the dripping of rain. Through all of this, the gossamer glitter vibe of the opening track remains and pulls you ever onward.

‘6.4.3’ hums with a really different opening that gives way to a beat that touches on traditional tones mixed with a modern electronic edge. The deep vocals mist over your senses like wisps of smoke that slip through your fingers. There is a mystical vibe to this track that mesmerises your senses and pull you into an almost meditative state of mind. The journey of this song is very cerebral and the movement of the music draws on different interpretations depending on who is listening. Through all of this, you feel like your mind is opening to something bigger than yourself which eases something deep in your chest.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Whispers’ that creeps out of the undergrowth to draw your attention to it. The gentle tones of the opening track weave their way into this song but there is a deeper richness to this song. The vocals whisper over the melody that feels like it is building to a swell. The contained vibe of the single plays wonderfully against the beats and echoing of the vocals. While you feel the building vibe, there is also a sense of acceptance of something that truly transcends the understanding of the world. This settles something inside you that you might not realise has been out of place.

Angelic Circus takes you on a tender journey toward greater understanding and the acceptance of something bigger in Open to the Future. The EP is delicate from start to finish with a shimmer of gossamer tones that sparkle in the light of a new day. While delicate, there is a touch of experimental sound in the low levels that bring a modern edge to the tracks.

Find out more about Angelic Circus on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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