Pablo Iranzo – Burned Alive (2021)

Pablo Iranzo has moved through our senses with the genre-defying sound of ‘Overdose’ before moving to the whimsy of ‘Chaotic Neutral’. Now, he is taking a gritty road of dark and gothic instrumentation in ‘Burned Alive’. Dealing with heartache and breakups, the passionate vocals punch the emotions of the track into your chest.

While the topic of the single is not new to the music world, the expansive sound brings a new edge to the story. This single has been re-imagined since Iranzo first wrote it and re-recorded with producer Andrei Sora bringing a dark wave flush. The track also offers a taster for Iranzo’s upcoming second album which is set to be released at the end of the year.

‘Burned Alive’ breaths to life with a dark warble of synths that brings the gothic touch of the single to your ears. It is an intense sweep of sound that effortlessly leads you to the rock pulse. You can feel the creeping darkness of the single through the melody as the instrumentation swirls around you. The smooth gothic vibes soothe the gritty feeling of the guitars for a towering performance. At times, the music sends you soaring on the wings of a raven as you spiral around the spires of the single’s architecture.

The gothic movement of the melody gives body to the passionate vocals. There is a sombre feeling to Iranzo’s vocals as he pulls pain and heartbreak into the stark light of day. His voice is packed with a pained flush of despair and the heart-wrenching loneliness of a breakup. His voice gains a gritty growl later in the track that scratches at the open wounds of lyrics. The intensity of the gothic soundscape is enhanced by the dramatic ache of the vocals. The darker sound of this single really showcases the versatility Iranzo has to offer and his musicality.

Pablo Iranzo spiral on dark wings for a gothic sweep of pain, despair and the ache of heartbreak in the intense sounds of ‘Burned Alive’. The dramatic flair of the single is stunning as you are drawn into the passionate emotions of the lyrics. An amazing showcase of his musical prowess, Iranzo sweeps through your spirit leaving threads of black satin in his wake.

Find out more about Pablo Iranzo on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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