Jack Hinks – The Emperor (2021)

Jack Hinks has had us hooked to his introspective and evocative music since we first heard him in ‘Los Angeles’. Since then, he has just been moving from strength to strength and we are firmly with him for the ride. With his latest single ‘The Emperor’, he is working through the depression stage of grief. The fourth in a five-track exploration of grief, the single considers change, sacrifice and maturity.

Continuing his engaging perspective into the deep topics of the world, this single will have you as captivated by his sound as we are. His genre-defying style highlights his introspective lyrics and will make him a staple on your favourite playlists. With his grief series already getting radio plays, it is easy to see Hinks becoming a household name.

‘The Emperor’ gently pulls you in with a soft progressive melody. The horns mournfully sight against your ears drawing feelings of grief to the surface of your mind. The melody is subdued and perfectly captures the disconnect that comes from grief and depression. While the melody is minimalistic, the flow of the notes effortlessly pulls you into the dark emotions of the track. The horn is really amazing as it comes and goes throughout the single bringing a rainy sadness with it. Through the melody alone, Hinks has you choked up and sinking into the sadness of depression without a sign of hope.

Over the subdued melody rests Hinks’ vocals which smoothly slide into your senses and squeeze your heart. Adding his emotive vocals to the melody, he inundates your senses with melancholy. The poetic lyrics encapsulate the pain of depression and grief in a way that few are able to. The slow meander of his performance is alike a rainy grey day where your thoughts are overcome with sadness and negativity. It is a touching single that will leave you really emotional but wanting to listen to the track again and again.

Jack Hinks has you choked up on melancholy, sadness and depression through the subdued emotional hits of ‘The Emperor’. The single is an instant addition to any playlist as it slowly builds an ocean of emotion in your chest. While these are really depressing emotions, you feel the urge to listen to the single again and again just to wallow in the emotional power.

Find out more about Jack Hinks on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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