ANN – Medusa (2021)

Most people never look beyond the surface of the myth of Medusa and only see her as a creature who turned people into stone and had to be killed. ANN is delving into the origins of the myth and celebrating the powerful and strong woman in ‘Medusa’. Using a dark pop tone, she considers the strength, resolve and power of overcoming the loss of everything she knew that is the heart of Medusa.

Dark and fierce, the single is unapologetic in its highlighting of strong women whose fierceness is often seen as threatening. Through her music, ANN is unafraid to take a stand and tell the darker stories of the world. Open and honest, she captivates with authentic tales that we can all relate to while swirling darkness around dancing tones and sultry vibes.

‘Medusa’ shivers with the rattles of snakes to really grabbing your attention. These shivers and shakes come and go throughout the single which is a wonderful tribute to the muse of the track. After these tones get your attention, the sultry darkness of the melody wraps around you like shadows. The electronic beats pulse in the chorus enhancing the dark seduction of the melody. There is something strangely organic to the electronic tones that brings an earthy power to the track. As the tones seductively twirl around you, they burn with a fierceness that is wonderful to hear. The strength of the melody is echoed in the vocals and really highlight the power of strong women.

The seductive flows of the melody are picked up by ANN’s vocals as they delicately crook a finger at you in the opening and beckon you closer. Her vocals bring a closed intimacy to the track that slides into sultry hypnosis for the chorus. There is a slight electronic edge to the vocals in the chorus that combines in the melody for that strangely organic electronic sound. ANN showcases a low of power in her vocals through this track as she mesmerises you and lays out how strong women are portrayed by those who feel threatened by them.

ANN pays tribute to strong women by diving into the origin of ‘Medusa’ and mesmerising listeners with her sultry tones. The melody throws a seductive tone over your senses allowing ANN’s vocals to complete the seduction. Together, the music and vocals create a captivating single that you can easily listen to on repeat and will instantly add to your favourite playlist.

Find out more about ANN on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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