Shinedown @ The Met, Philadelphia (11.09.21)

Perhaps there is no better way to see one of the most successful live touring bands of today leaving a trailblazing marker behind them with a glorious long list of hits, record venue sell-outs, and not to mention becoming a household branding from all of us music enthusiasts’ who simply love Shinedown as a live band. If you had asked me was I even familiar with them in the early 2000s, I would have said I have no idea but let me check them out live and I will give you my thoughts. After pretty much seeing them in every single venue here in Philadelphia, except for ones that have come and gone way before Shinedown became a household name, they clearly are more than your average live band with songs that run through the back of your mind. Shinedown is clearly one of my ultimate favourite bands to grab a ticket, sit centre stage, and watch this band blow the roof off the venue.

It comes to no surprise that they are one of the few bands that haven’t slowed down touring leaving any fan of their music with that wow factor gleaming from their faces with all those great songs. Recently we had a rare opportunity to see for the first time at The Metropolitan Opera House or simply labelled “The Met Philadelphia” for short.

Along for the ride on this tour was guitar sensation gritty blues guy Ayron Jones. After hearing just one of his new songs ‘Mercy’ online, I thought he was going to be nothing short of great as an opener for Shinedown. I admired great lyrics, catchy guitar riffs and blazing solos to tingle my senses as Ayron Jones blew through 45 minutes of a great set, ending with a rounding rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Star-Spangled Banner‘ closing his set.

A quick change over and the stage was set for Shinedown to give the sold-out venue a great show with all those fantastic songs we have loved from day one.
As this isn’t a new tour for the likes of Shinedown, we are still thrilled to have one of the greatest live bands entertain many of the die-hard rock fans who can’t get quite enough of their music. As for myself, I have lost count as to how many times I have seen this band bring such a great high-energy stage presence that is like a cliffhanger to a storyline leaving you at the edge of your seat wanting more. Nothing completes a great mindset of a stellar show without pyrotechnics and flames shooting across the stage during many well-known mega-hits such as ‘Diamond Eyes’, ‘Fly From the Inside’, ‘Enemies’ and ‘Cut the Cord’.

Seems to be a thing of the past with how we missed live music in general. This recent show with Shinedown and Ayron Jones certainly altered a typical boring Saturday evening in Philadelphia with nothing short of a great evening of live music.

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All images credited to Steve Trager

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