Marina – Almost Love (2021)

There are a lot of songs about being in a relationship where your partner cheats, but fewer about being the other person in a love triangle. If you are looking for a song from this point of view, Marina has what you need with ‘Almost Love’. Using a more mature sound, she explores being the other person in an affair. Inspired by an affair gone wrong, she perfectly captures the emotions that are often overlooked.

Having grown up singing in choirs and performing in talent shows, Marina brings a youthful energy to her music that is contrasted by a wonderful maturity. This contrast was first really felt in her last single release and continues through the tones of this track. Her musical maturity wraps around honest and open lyrics enhanced by her emotive vocals for a journey of emotional growth that we can all relate to.

‘Almost Love’ slowly builds through the soundscape with a deep beat contrasted by light twinkling notes. There is a dance vibe to the low levels of the melody that slides into the contemporary pop stylings of the higher tones. This merger is delicate to allow the vocals to really shine through the single. There is a somewhat minimalistic feeling to the melody with the barebones of electronic tones coming together to get you moving to it. While minimal, the melody does an amazing job of emphasising the emotions of the vocals.

As the melody get your toes-tapping and fills you with a light dance energy, Marina’s vocals reach into your chest and squeeze your heart. From the first moment, you can feel the affection she has for someone who does not reciprocate. Through the lyrics, she details falling for someone who is already in a relationship and hoping that things will work out. When the chorus hits, she comes to the realisation that this will not happen and that she has to end the affair. It is a really heart-wrenching single that gives a delightful insight into the thoughts and emotions of the other person in an affair.  

Marina reaches into your chest and squeezes as she dips into yearning for the affection of someone only to realise it is not there in the heart-wrenching ‘Almost Love’. With a rather minimalistic melody, the single uses her vocals to deliver the real emotional hits. Her voice is smooth and strong as she fills you with the pain of unrequited love and the realisation that things need to end.

Find out more about Marina on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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