Anna Eisch – FMO (2021)

We all experience those moments when our heads and hearts battle each other for dominance. Anna Eisch has taken these moments and turned them into the emotive and heart-racing single ‘FMO’. Through the dark and heavy rhythm, she perfectly encapsulates the feeling of knowing what you are doing is going to wreck you but getting lost in the dizzying excitement it causes.

The first single since her debut EP, the track combines a brooding production with the vulnerability of Eisch’s vocals. Despite her Nashville roots, Eisch has taken a different path with her music and delves into the murky waters of dark pop. Adding a swirl of trap and synth-pop, he captivates listeners with her emotive stories and hooks them with her masterful musicality.

The brooding soundscape of ‘FMO’ rises from the depths to pulse into your chest through the deep and heavy bassline. There is a delightful darkness to the music that swirls around your ankles like mist at night. There is a drop to silence before the striking melody jitters across your senses. There is a delightful depth to the music that is enhanced by the textures provided by the layers of instrumentation. Some trap beats pulse against a solid dark pop swirl for a really captivating melody.

While the melody grasps at your ankles and holds you in place, Eisch’s vocals hit you with an emotive sledgehammer. This hammering is actually rather subtly handled with the almost whispered opening that sinks you into the mindset of the track. Through her opening performance, you easily find yourself in that moment of building excitement before she calls out her knowledge that this is not the best thing to be doing. There is a delightful power in her vocals that send shivers cascading down your back. Her performance shifts from powerful calls to vulnerable considerations while pumping emotions into your veins.

Anna Eisch uses striking vocals and a captivating dark pop melody to bring dark excitement to life through ‘FMO’. The melody grabs you and holds you in place for the vocals to hit you with the emotions of the single. There is a delightful depth and texture to the single that is utterly captivating.

Find out more about Anna Eisch on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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