Anna Mae Kelly – Infamous Kiss (2020)

Heartbreak hits people differently with some able to move on easily while others enter a general air of malaise. Some people reminisce about the good moments and others get angry. Regardless of how heartbreak hits you, Anna Mae Kelly connects with your emotions with ‘Infamous Kiss’. The single works through different emotions with a melodic push to get you into the flow of things.

While this song was originally started when Kelly was 14, her personal experience of true heartbreak only occurred recently. A revisit to this old song led to it being her third release and highlighting just what this young talent has to offer. Her raw yet bold approach to the subject and eclectic melodic mix makes this the breakup song you need to hear.

The gentle piano opening of ‘Infamous Kiss’ has a familiar feel to it that gives way to Kelly’s vocals. However, the steady piano remains as this nostalgic and somewhat melancholic thread hovering in the lower levels of the song. For the chorus, it gives way to a driving beat that sweeps through you. Instead of the melancholy of the piano, you are pushed up by a melody full of more annoyance and anger.

The layers of the melody intertwine with Kelly’s vocals. Her performance starts with the same softness and sadness as the melody but rises in power and emotion. There is a sense of anger in her vocals as well as this raw honesty that make it easy to connect with. Her performance takes you through so many different emotions with amazing clarity.

If you are looking for a single that connects with your own heartbreak, ‘Infamous Kiss’ by Anna Mae Kelly is the one you want. Threaded with a melancholic piano line, the single works through sadness, anger and feeling like a fool. Combined with her powerful lyrics, you are left with a single that digs straight to what you are feeling.

Find out more about Anna Mae Kelly on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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