Natalie Nicole Gilbert – Wrapped Up in a Dream Called You (2020)

Embracing the decentralisation of the music industry, Natalie Nicole Gilbert has been hitting listeners with songs from various genres. Her latest track ‘Wrapped up in a Dream Called You’ takes a jazzy turn and throws you back in time. Wrapping you in all those old-school tones and acoustics, the single has a classic sound with modern threads. Everything comes together to make it an instant classic you are going to want to listen to again and again.

Coming from a musical family, Gilbert melds the different influences she grew up with into a rich soundscape. She has been taking some old classic tunes out for a new spin and mixing them up with her own original compositions. Her stirring vocals breathe a new life onto the scene and you never know what else to expect.

The old-school piano line of ‘Wrapped up in a Dream Called You’ makes you think of those old music bars. You can almost picture the low light on Gilbert standing next to a piano with the drummer behind her. The jazzy melody wraps around you and draws you into the vibe. There is something that makes you sway to the gentle tones. The shuffling drum adds this lightness to the lower levels of the melody while the piano makes you smile. The saxophone solo is absolutely wonderful and I honestly can’t get enough of it.

As the instruments form this wonderful jazzy melody, Gilbert’s smoky vocals twirl around you and lead you even further into the jazzy goodness. Her smooth performance is also so emotive that you get lost in her tones. The control of her performance is also a testament to her vocal prowess. The modulation of her voice is perfect from the higher notes to the smoky melding with the saxophone.

Natalie Nicole Gilbert hits all the right notes with her acoustic jazzy number ‘Wrapped up in a Dream Called You’. She takes you back in time and smothers you in smoky tones and awesome saxophone solos. The power of this single is the fact that you never want it to end.

Find out more about Natalie Nicole Gilbert on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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