Annabel Hailey – Love is Like a Breeze (2020)

The idea that love is a gift we are given to pass on to others is the basis of the new single from Annabel Hailey. ‘Love is Like a Breeze’ is a happy single that looks at letting love flow and not keeping it to yourself. The uplifting track is the burst of positivity all of us need right now and fills you with good vibes during these challenging times.

Teaming up with Petteri Sariola (guitar), Joonatan Rautio (saxophone) and Elisa Laiho (piano), Hailey draws inspiration from a range of genres including folk, pop and jazz. Having started her musical education at age 6, she has honed her passion for music even with a detour into the finance industry.

‘Love is Like a Breeze’ fills you with good vibes from the first second. The thumping guitar lines fill you with this great energy and drive you through the song. The piano line adds to the energetic vibe of the track while providing an almost summery feeling. The two instruments have a great interplay that keeps you engaged and hooked to the song. The saxophone comes in a little later to meld with the other elements of the melody for a jazz vibe. There is a lot going on in the melody that keeps you engaged.

The upbeat energy of the track continues with Hailey’s vocals. There is this great upbeat flow to her performance as she talks about love being like a breeze. The energy of her performance has you grooving to her vibe. The flow of her performance makes you want to move to the music and lodges the catchy lyrics firmly in your brain.

Annabel Hailey lets everyone know that love is something we are given to share with others in her new single ‘Love is Like a Breeze’. Using an upbeat energy, she fills you with good vibes while you groove to the jazzy pop melody.

Find out more about Annabel Hailey on her Instagram and Spotify.

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