The Routine – Too Many Times (2021)

Being stuck in any situation can be frustrating and cause anger to well up. These emotions are what inspired The Routine to create their single ‘Too Many Times’. Washed with frustration and the feeling that there are no options available to get out of a dead-end situation, the single is an open emotional expression. While this is the inspiration of the track, the band presents it in a way that allows listeners to take their own meaning from it.

Liam Palmer (vocals, rhythm guitar), Ben Taylor (guitar, backing vocals), Ben Nunn (bass, backing vocals) and Mark Thomson (drums) formed The Routine out of the ashes of their former bands. The first lockdown as a band was spent harnessing their sound and creating a catalogue of songs. With this debut single, they are unleashing their newly developed sound on the world.

‘Too Many Times’ draws you in with an addictive guitar line that thrusts a hook into your chest and pulls you into the drums. The energetic melody has you bouncing to the beat as the dynamic sound of the band sinks into you. With a chugging pace, the guitars effortlessly pull you further and further into the band’s soundscape. There is a raw energy to the music which is complemented by a polished finish that slices through your brain for an enjoyable listening experience.

Palmer’s vocals bring a deeper melodic layer to the single. His voice is a smooth flow against the pulsing guitars as he draws you into the lyrics of the track. On the chorus, he hits you with a different blast of alternative rock. The melodics of the verses gives way to a pained call that is all frustration and growling tones. As the song progresses, he calls out negative people in life while filling you with the angry energy needed to make a change to your situation.

The Routine blast through your ears with melodic rock and growling vocals to confront and ease in ‘Too Many Times’. Packed with energetic guitars and growling vocals, it is a debut single that is not to be missed. It will also have you yearning for more and early anticipating their next release.

Find out more about The Routine on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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