Moscato – Ljomi (2020)

If you are looking for a single that fills you with the feeling of being suspended in mid-air and becoming the wind, you have come to the right place. ‘Ljomi’ by Moscato is the single you need as the dreamy folk vibes of the song give you the impression of dissolving into the fog of an early morning walk. The freeing flying feeling of the song is enhanced by the multiple voices that swirl around the soundscape.

The encompassing soundscape created by Moscato in his previous single ‘Thamel’ continues in this hypnotic track. Paying tribute to Icelandic music folklore, he melds his vocals with Kim’s (Erica Noventa) for a unique sonic experience.

‘Ljomi’ draws you in with an ambient opening full of atmospheric notes and deep beats. The light guitar line that comes in over these notes is like a gentle mist softly parting as you walk through it. The gentleness of the melody has you thinking about the outdoors and that crisp morning air that hits your lungs. The melody is quite hypnotic and perfectly places you in a relaxed atmospheric soundscape. The strings and synths of the melody combine to create the encompassing soundscape before they dissolve into the mists of silence.

Kim’s vocals are the main voice on the track and add to the dreamy atmospheric vibe. Her whispered performance adds a sense of shadows and mists to the melody. She is also able to create these rhythmic layers that wrap around you and allow you to relax. The progressive growth of the folk vibes of the track is wonderful and meld with the echoing of the vocals.

Moscato hypnotises you with a dance through the mists of the forest in ‘Ljomi’. The single combines atmospheric melodies with dreamy strings and ethereal vocals for a sonic experience unlike any other.

Find out more about Moscato on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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