Annie Elise – We Can Pretend (2021)

A lot of people dream about experiences or situations only to have the real world let them down. With her energetic and sparkling electronic sound, Annie Elise talks about these false awakenings and wishing the real world was a nice as a dream in ‘We Can Pretend’. With her effortless musical style, she touches on disappointment, wishful thinking and dreams while getting you lost in her textured sound.

With a knack for memorable melodies, Elise is quickly cementing her place on the music scene. Using her synaesthesia as inspiration and pairing it with her innate ability to bring people together, she is making her mark and will have listeners eager for more of her electronic sound. While a classically trained violinist, her turn to electronic music came from her synaesthesia allowing her to become a conductor of colour.

The beats grab you from the first moment of ‘We Can Pretend’. They will have your head bopping to them before the synths twinkle over and sweep through you with a cascade of colours. There is a wonderful movement to the melody as those beats carry the low levels while the twinkling tones of the synths swirl around you. It is beautifully textured to let you soar on the wings of the synths while keeping you grounded by the beats. This is a delightful sonic representation of the musings of the lyrics.

Elise’s vocals are airy and rest in the middle ground between the beats and the synths. Through the lyrics, she wishes for reality to be better and to stay in a dream for a little longer. This pleading is heaviest on the chorus but as you slip into the second verse, you are led to an understanding that this is not possible. The rise of her vocals on the chorus is effortless and sweeps through your senses leave a glittering trail of colours in its wake.

Annie Elise sweeps you up on colours synth winds while keeping you grounded through deep beats in ‘We Can Pretend’. As the textured melody grabs your senses, her voices plead to stay in a dream while realising that this is impossible and accepting that it will come to an end. There is an effortlessly bright feeling to the single that rests in your chest long after the track has ended.

Find out more about Annie Elise on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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