Clara Hannigan – Sonder (2021)

There is a certain amount of anonymity that comes with living in a large city that can be very freeing, particularly if you come from a much smaller town. The freedom of anonymity fills ‘Sonder’ by Clara Hannigan offering an ode to the places where you can just be yourself. Through the neo-soul flows of the single, she considers how you can be who you want in the big city because everyone is just there living their own lives.

The single is part of a larger body of work that explores the breaking point of a toxic relationship and the process of finding yourself again. A singer and pianist, Hannigan was encouraged to share her talent with the world by her now manager Unnur Sigurgeirsdottir who she met during a study abroad program. With the help of Fraser Studios owner Colin Fraser, they have been working on her debut EP set for release later this year.

Hannigan’s vocals draw you into ‘Sonder’ with a silky soulful flow. Her voice is light yet rich as it reaches out into the dark streets of the city. Through the lyrics of the track, she crafts a picture of the city and the lives of the people around her. On the chorus, her voice drips rich honey into your ears as she embraces the freedom of anonymity in the city. As the single progresses, there is a touch of RnB to her performance that adds a little growling texture to the silken threads. You can’t listen to this track and not want to close your eyes to let her voice soak into your pores. The smooth power of her performance is sheer decadence, freedom and happiness.

Resting beneath her vocals is an equally rich melody that has a very light start. The music slowly forms a satin sheet that you can luxuriate on while you feel the free emotions of the vocals. As the chorus hits, the music sweeps up in a wave of rich neo-soul tones. There is a traditional touch of soul to the melody but this is eclipsed by the contemporary flows. These contemporary touches get you into the vibe of the music and enhance the power of the vocals.

Clara Hannigan has you luxuriating in the freedom of anonymity in the city while sinking into the rich bed of neo-soul sound that is ‘Sonder’. Her vocals are rich and soulful as she paints a picture of freedom while surrounded by people who let you do your own thing. The melody is equally rich as it bolsters her vocal performance.

Find out more about Clara Hannigan on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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