Wave Break – Chemical Burn (2021)

Many have proclaimed that grunge is done and dusted. Yet again, as in many previous instances, quite a number of bands have proven them wrong and let’s not even bring The Foo Fighters into the equation. The thing is, no, grunge is not the same as it was in 1990 or 1991; it just evolved or revolved if you will. Bands who love to have their sound on the bit of louder side are adding some new (or old) elements to the fray, whether it is good old punk, or more melody, or just something else.

You can count in one-woman rock band Wave Break (also known as Kelly Barber) as an artist reviving grunge modifying it for the current times, or you just might say she loves her music on the louder side with guitars at the forefront and a good melody for those guitars. Case in point: ‘Chemical Burn’ – one of the two new Wave Break’s singles.

As was the case when Wave Break came up with the debut EP in 2018, the music revolves around Barber, her songwriting, vocals, and skills with a guitar. She practically excels at all of those elements. Listening to the lyrics of ‘Chemical Burn’, you get the idea that Barber went through some adversities to get where she is now and she seems to be channelling the energy she got from overcoming these adversities in a manner that will reach her prospective audience. With ‘Chemical Burn’ she just raised the bar of expectation for Wave Break’s follow-up EP coming up in Autumn 2021.

Wave Break has also released a music video for the song ‘Chemical Burn’. Bonus point: it does not contain any strobes, flashy lighting effects or rapid image transitions that can cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. It can be appreciated by everyone!

For more from Wave Break check out her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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