Zoe Zobrist – Oh Baby (2021)

There are so many reasons for which you can give a song the title ‘Oh Baby’. Yet, the cover of singer-songwriter Zoe Zobrist’s latest single with that title makes things quite clear – Zoe’s song is devoted to her new (first) child.

Artists can speak/sing about the love of a child in many ways and with various results, but it is almost always the case that songs that are devoted to their own siblings are not only most sincere but also the ones that can present the emotions of having a kid, only a parent can present. So, it might be no wonder that Zoe’s ‘Oh Baby’ really presents the emotions she was feeling when she wrote, “Will you stand a little stronger than I do / When the world feels it’s breaking you / When the doors are closing will you kick them through / Cause that’s all that I want for you.” 

The lyrics to a song can say so much, but they have to come along with some great music and vocals. Luckily, Zobrist has both the songwriting skills and a voice to transform all the emotions she is feeling so that they can really reach the listeners. “Parenthood is a massive transition for anyone; it’s a huge new chapter to open,” Zoe says. “Nothing will ever be the same but it’s so beautiful to grow into this new version of yourself. Knowing that you have the opportunity to take all the lessons you’ve learned and make a new little human’s world better is so powerful. Whether you have children on earth or waiting on the other side, are expecting or hope to someday, or feel love for the people who brought you this life, I hope this song can be close to your heart.”  With ‘Oh Baby,’ Zoe Zobrist is not only able to stir those great feelings with parents, who will definitely understand her, but also those listeners that are yet to possibly experience parenthood.

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