Anton Commissaris – Living My Life (2021)

There are times when we all become a bit stressed about things in our lives that we don’t actually have control over. If you feel the rising frustration and stress of these moments, Anton Commissaoris has the song you need to hear. The aptly titled ‘Living My Life’ reminds us that there are things in life that we can’t control, and we need to accept this to live our lives as best we can.

In the wake of the global pandemic, this message hits a little harder and is one that a lot of us need to be reminded of. As he lets us know that life is not perfect, the soulful jazzy tones of his music eases the worries this could bring. Refusing to believe that jazz is dead, Commissaris blends it with soul, rock and passion for what he does.

‘Living My Life’ has a wonderful lounge jazz feeling to the opening. The slick and easy tones of the music slide against your sense and lull you into the melody. The horns are rich while the piano brings a jazzy flair to the edges of the music. The bluesy guitar that floats through the soundscape like swirling threads of smoke enhances the overall richness. There is no way to listen to this melody and not feel the stresses of the world sliding off your shoulders. The way the instruments meet is so pleasant and makes you want to close your eyes to sink into the sound. The guitar solo later in the single calls to something deep in your soul while the piano lightly nudges you into decadent tones of the horns.

While you are closing your eyes and giving in to the jazzy blues flow of the music, Commissaris’ vocals hum into your ears. His voice is the perfect blend of jazz and blues making you think of old jazz bars. His performance has a little smile woven in like the corner of one side of his mouth is quirked as he sings. The lyrics tap you on the shoulder and show you the path of acceptance of the things you can’t control. His performance has the message of the track sinking into your brain and easing the worries and stress of life from your chest. By the end of the single, you are going to feel loose-limbed and ready to live your best life.

Anton Commissaris has you sinking into rich jazzy blues tones as he lifts the stresses and worries from your chest in ‘Living My Life’. The music is a rich mix of all the best parts of jazz and blues coming together for a decadent and easy sound. His vocals are as smooth as the melody as he reminds us that some things are out of our control and we need to accept that.

Find out more about Anton Commissaris on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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