Track of the Day: April Gallo – What You Lost

Inspired by the likes of Lana Del Rey, Adele and the legendary Amy Winehouse, singer-songwriter April Gallo has a mix of the obscure and angelic in her sound. Known for her poetic lyricism, intimate melodies and complex content, Gallo connects with listeners on a deep and meaningful level. Featured in Sinusoidal Music, The Other Side Reviews (that’s us!) and various online radio stations/playlists, this songstress has a worldwide following. The latest addition to her well-received discography and our Track of the Day is ‘What You Lost’.

Following her debut single ‘Help Yourself’ (read our review here), ‘What You Lost’ retains Gallo’s soulful vocals atop a simplistic piano-driven melody. Along with the heartfelt tenderness that comes from her elegant lyrics, the song oozes jazz vibes reminiscent of Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse. What I find most intriguing about Gallo, both in this song and ‘Help Yourself’ is the sophistication of the track without placing any “bells and whistles” in the sound. Gallo takes your hand and leads you through a sonic whirlpool coming out on the other side with goosebumps and a tear in your eye.

Reputed for her intelligent use of words to capture intense emotions, ‘What You Lost’ exposes the fragility of human existence with all its interesting intricacies. Yet, while there is a dose of nostalgic melancholy in ‘What You Lost’, the single is empowering, positive and hopeful. Gallo shares that this track “…is about finding light at the end of a dark heartbreak and the journey of regaining strength and self-worth. It is about reflecting on a toxic relationship and the empowerment that comes with “moving on…it is the perfect post-breakup anthem that shines a light on the revolution of women who turn their pain into power.”

Without effort, Gallo executes a beautifully sensual and sincere tune in ‘What You Lost’. Based on her music, I would love to see this talented artist live as I believe she could give Amy Winehouse a run for her money. Tearing into your soul and reverberating down your spine before leaving you breathless, April Gallo once again astounds me.

For more from April Gallo check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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