R.M. Hendrix – Morning Complaints (2021)

The news often seems to be packed with doom and gloom that can easily pull you down. If you need a pick-up, R.M. Hendrix is here for you with his single ‘Morning Complaints’. The feel-good single uses an upbeat melody to ward off any bad vibes while getting you lost in an exploration of bad news, fresh air and sunlight.

The single is one of two new tracks from his upcoming album Shamblegloss. Embracing shoegaze and noise-pop, he is taking a trip back to the sounds that helped define his early career. This return takes us away from the departure of his previous release and is a treat for those who enjoyed his early work.

‘Morning Complaints’ draws you in with the guitar opening that strums against your senses. There is an experimental vibe to the music that is really interesting as the melody vibrates while drawing you further into the soundscape. There are layers to the music that all seem to be doing their own thing making for a very eclectic listening experience. While the layering of the music could be overwhelming, there is a carefully woven thread that tethers them together for a melodic whole. The guitars have you riding the airwaves while the hazier notes light you up.

Hendrix’s vocals seem to come through a misty veil bringing a very power pop feeling. His vocals have a light tone that fills you with some good vibes. There is a bright energy to his vocals which are a little at odds with the lyrics. There is a melancholy resting in the lyrics with an edge of irony. Through all of this, there are those good vibes that make you feel better about everything in the world.

R.M. Hendrix lifts the weight of bad news from your shoulder with the quirky arrangement and eclectic sounds of ‘Morning Complaints’. With a trip back to his shoegaze roots, he has you riding a layered melody with some experimental vibes. His vocals lift you up while hitting you with the wonderfully ironic lyrics.

Find out more about R.M. Hendrix on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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