Aprilann – 8th Of November (2020)

If you are looking for a new spine-chilling ballad to listen to, Aprilann might just have what you need. Her single ‘8th Of November’ is a pop-rock ballad that tugs at the heartstrings before twisting them up inside. Using relatable and catchy lyrics, she takes you through what happened on the date and hits you with an emotional sledgehammer.

The single follows on from her recent success with ‘Bad Friends’. Her honest and convincing sound has been honed over the years. The track is also the second release from her 5-track EP which will have you eagerly anticipating what comes next.

‘8th Of November’ draws you in with an intriguing opening full of softly swelling tones and Aprilann’s vocals drifting lightly over your ears. This gives way to a strumming guitar that sets the tone of the ballad. There is a catchiness to the guitar melody that draws you further into the song. The relative simplicity of the guitar line makes the song hit harder and brings the swing on the chorus into stark contrast.

Aprilann’s vocals have a cinematic feeling to them as they wrap around you and appear to come from all directions. In the opening, the vocals are airy and all-encompassing before swinging with the melody for the ballad’s body. Her performance is emotive and tugs at your heart. You can hear the heartbreak in the words, but there is also a sense that everything is actually better now after the breakup. The lyrics are extremely relatable and takes you through the end of the relationship as well what happens after.

Aprilann hits you with an emotional sledgehammer using her pop-rock ballad ‘8th Of November’. Using an honest and emotional vocal performance combined with a spine-chilling guitar-driven melody, she tells the story of what happened on this date.

Find out more about Aprilann on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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