The Spring – Victoria (2019)

The Spring is an alternative rock band from the USA. They consist of Manny Fawcett (vocals and guitar), Levi Tate (drums), Matthew Rigsby (lead guitar) and Gabe Ottomanelli (bass). They released their single ‘Victoria’ on August 16th 2019.

The track starts with gentle guitar riffs then a gentle drum beat kicks in. The vocals follow shortly and they sound great. He sings about feelings and how he feels like it’s burning a hole in his mind. He sings about how he wants hope. It sounds like a very heartfelt song and the lyrics seem to be based on something he may have been through. He sings about someone not being able to catch him if they try.

The bass line is great and the guitar riffs are amazing. It has some great high vocals during the track that are fantastic. It gets heavy at some points during the song and it all goes together so well.

The single is out now and is available via Spotify.

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