Triple Aidan – OMG (2020)

If you want to enjoy a crazy night out without actually leaving home, take a listen to ‘OMG’ by Triple Aidan. The single tells the story of a wild night out on the town through playfully clever lyrics and multiple layers of catchy melodic elements. The contagious energy of the track will have you bouncing around and singing the chorus with anyone around you. The light and fun tone is just what you might need right now.

This is not the first song from Triple Aidan packed full of contagious beats and clever lyrics. His fearlessness and sense of experimentation have made this his signature as he thrusts a dynamic style into your ears. If the catchy track itself does not have you feeling good, the equally fun music video will.

‘OMG’ hits you with the infectious beat from the first second. The pace of the melody has you moving to it before you can stop yourself. The piano line has these plucky notes that bolster your spirits before melding with the other elements of the melody. When the horns hit you, they push more energy into your chest and make you want to move even more. The soundscape is dancefloor-ready and will have everyone moving to it.

As the melody gets you moving, the vocals hook you and add even more fun to the song, if that seems possible. Triple Aidan’s vocals have a depth to them which adds a new layer to the sound of the track. The contrast between the paced melody and his baritone is interesting and seems to make the song even more irresistible. The lyrics are easy to connect with and the chorus is easy to sing at the top of your lungs.

If you were not having fun while listening to the single, you will when you watch the music video. It starts with Triple Aidan getting ready for a night out in an oddball fashion. When the music hits, you see him out on the town with two lovely ladies. As the video progresses, you see what the trio gets up to as they have a wild night on the town.

Triple Aidan pumps your ears full of infectious energy and has you bouncing to the sound of ‘OMG’. The track uses clever lyrics with a catchy melody to effectively draw you into the soundscape and not let you go.

Find out more about Triple Aidan on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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