ARAE – Shotgun (2020)

ARAE is declaring war against depression with her single ‘Shotgun’. Using this single, she works through her internal battle with mental health while offering a promise to eradicate inner demons. While fighting through all this, she also advocates for greater awareness of depression and the struggles those with depression face. This battle against oneself is perfectly represented in the official music video for the track.

Taking on social stigmas and the anxiety of her generation, ARAE identifies herself as a pop music vigilante. Using her trap-pop anthems, she is looking to demolish social taboos and infuse a bit of dark humour into the issues she addresses. This is all done with an unapologetic attitude and infectious beats.

‘Shotgun’ has this warbling opening with some wavering synth notes before a shotgun loading and being shot. This shot swings the melody to a background humming of synths and some deep pulsing beats. The melody does pick up the pace for the chorus and has you moving to it. There is something about the driving shuffling beats of the chorus that capture your attention and they do come back later in the track. When the vocals swing to rap, the melody also swings to a darker sound that has this punch to it.

ARAE’s vocals start out with a light melodic tone that has a very pop sensibility to it. She draws you into the lyrics and her experience of an internalised battle against depression. When the melody picks up the pace on the chorus, her vocals match this. The rap section of the vocals is a direct confrontation with the depressed side of her personality and is filled with the want to fight it.

The music video is a great visual depiction of the fight within Arae’s mind. In the video, she brings out both sides of her personality. Her usual self is stalked by her depressed self before she takes out the depressed self. Between the battle in her mind, you see her getting down to the music which makes you want to move to the beat. This is an amazing music video with a wonderful portrayal of the message of the track.

ARAE declares war on depression and takes you through an internalised battle with mental illness in ‘Shotgun’. This catchy pop track uses both the lyrics and melody to set the scene of the battle and work through the outcome. The official music video provides a visual representation of this battle.

Find out more about ARAE on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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