Sam Lumar – SODA (2022)

There are a lot of things that people are struggling with right now with internet addiction and nihilism being two of them. The struggle against these two issues has been picked up by Sam Lumar and turned into the energetic rock tones of ‘SODA’. With a punch of alternative rock and a swirl of classic rock sensibilities, the single draws us into the struggle many people face and offers the boost we need to continue fighting.

While this is his debut single, Lumar is setting the bar high with the pulse of electricity that vibrates through the sound. He first developed a passion for music by listening to old vinyls played by his father. This turned into melodies running through his brain which he has now started to lay down in the studio.

‘SODA’ pulses with synths through the opening building to the thrust of rock guitars. As the guitars flow into the melody, the pulses of the synths fall to the background but continue to lead you through the single. There is a wonderful alternative rock vibe to the guitars that is softened by a touch of classic rock. The synths and organic instrumentation join forces in the chorus to get you rocking out to the sound as the energy is turned up. It is almost impossible to listen to the melody and not want to jump around to the sound, particularly in the chorus. Later in the track, the synths take over the melody again to chime with a lighter tone before the guitars rise up and the two jump through your brain together.

While the melody gets you moving, Lumar’s vocals are softer than you think they will be as they enter. The softer touch to his vocal performance ensures he grabs your attention from the rock guitars and sucks you into the reflection on nihilism and internet addiction. Through the lyrics, he brings an interesting rally cry to our ears as he pushes us to continue fighting the struggles we all have. There is a plea woven into his performance that is tempered by an understanding of what you are going through. This all leads you to the chorus that has you chanting with him while jumping to the melody. The melody and vocals combine for a perfect rock song that makes you bounce, shout and cries with the struggles we all face.

Sam Lumar has you chanting to the chorus of ‘SODA’ while you jump around to the rocking tones of the melody. From the first moment, the melody brings a masterful interplay of synths and rock guitars that pack a serious punch. His softer vocals stand out against the energy of the melody before rising through you on the chorus.

Find out more about Sam Lumar on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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