AREEN – Brand New Day (2020)

We are living through turbulent times and this can get you down as there seems to be no end in sight. If you are feeling a bit negative about everything, AREEN is here to let you know that a ‘Brand New Day’ is just waiting to be discovered. This new single reminds us that even in dark times there is something positive you could look out for. Using his upbeat sound, AREEN is looking to provide you with the uplifting vibe you might need right now.

Along with Nashville-based G K A E on vocals, AREEN is drawing on the influences of Avicii. Blending this with pop and dance vibes, the pair fill the single with messages of hope and resilience. While these are the main influences of this single, AREEN throws in a dash of different genres and styles to create his unique sound.

‘Brand New Day’ has an upbeat guitar line that draws you into the song. This melds into the vocals which are smooth and easy to slide into. The vocals pick up pace and strength as the song progresses and boosts the positive vibes of the song. The lyrics of the track have an imploring vibe at the start which shines in the emotions of the vocals. As the song progresses, you are guided to the new day and the good that it can bring. The chorus is infectious and packed full of those dance vibes.

Meshing with the vocals is the dance melody. The melody has a progressive flow that draws you in before it bursts with dance vibes on the chorus. These vibes are created perfectly as they do not outshine the vocals. Instead, they weave into the vocals to create a pulsing thread of positivity.

AREEN and G K A E fill you with hope and positivity for the future with the dance vibes of ‘Brand New Day’. The single is a perfect mixture of dance melodies with smooth vocals. Each draws you into the song before warping together to create an infectious single.

Find out more about AREEN on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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