The Rhythm Kartel – Leaving Town (2020)

Are you looking for a song that can kickstart your day with some dance grooves? Well, The Rhythm Kartel has your back with his new single ‘Leaving Town’. Featuring Daniel Mason, the track will have you dancing around and in a good vibe. Using modern disco-funk, he infuses his passion into every note and word.

The engaging sound of the single has been honed over years by The Rhythm Kartel. From an early age, he was obsessed with mastering the guitar and has been a part of various bands. Having worked as a session musician, he is now captivating audiences with his funky and lively sound.

‘Leaving Town’ hits you with some funky sounds from the first moment. There is an interesting mixture of disco, funk and orchestration in the melody. The beat gets you moving to the rhythm while the strings have you shimmying to them. There is a great flow to the melody that you are swept away in and bounce your head to. The movements in the melody remain for the entire song keeping you involved and moving for the whole four minutes.

Melding with the melody to get you moving is the vocal performance by Mason. His voice is deep and smooth resting as an engaging layer over the lively movements of the melody. His performance blends with the vibes of the music to get you moving. The performance is highly engaging and you can’t really stop listening as he draws you into the beat and gets you hooked to the single.

The Rhythm Kartel has teamed up with Daniel Mason to get you moving to their beat with ‘Leaving Town’. The combination of disco, funk and strings creates a catchy melody that gets you moving to the beat. The vocals are smooth and continue to grip your limbs and get them dancing.

Find out more about The Rhythm Kartel on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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