Ashton Orion – Bad Dreams (2020)

Hailing from Western Australia, Ashton Orion is a singer-songwriter and keyboardist who has spent years performing in bands. While performing, her loyalty was to songwriting and her fondness for crafting lyrics helps her explore both the real and imagined world. Her upcoming release ‘Bad Dreams’ continues this exploration.

The track brings a shift from her last release ‘Uneasy’. Using tension and intricate tones, she draws you into a nightmare. Charged with tension, this immersive track is both haunting and charming.

‘Bad Dreams’ grabs your attention with Orion’s arching vocals from the first moment. Her lilting vocals are charming and have an edge to them that sets the tone of the track. Her performance drives the lyrics through your senses. You can hear the flow of a bad dream through her voice.

While Orion’s vocals drive the flow of the track, the intricate melody provides the perfect foundation. The arrangement envelopes you and adds to the ambience of the track. There is a driving beat that really gets you moving to the song.

Ashton Orion takes you through a dream soundscape with powerful vocals and immersive melodies on ‘Bad Dreams’. The track is charged with tension clear in the vocal performance which is enhanced by the intricate melody. The atmosphere of the track is both absorbing and a little creepy.

Find out more about Ashton Orion on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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