Hybrid Kid – Dropped (2020)

Let me begin by saying that Hybrid Kid is not a stranger to The Other Side Reviews. I don’t want to boast, but I’m well chuffed to say that we have featured this outstanding group a couple of times. We had something to say about their last single ‘Freeze Frame’, but since then their discography has grown to include a new album The Minor Escapes. In this review, we’re taking a look-see at the first single from The Minor Escapes, ‘Dropped’.

Hailing from Brighton, Hybrid Kid is a unique trio taking inspiration from iconic artists David Bowie, Pavement and The Stooges. After performing across the globe using various monikers, the ex-art college students came together and used their experience to form one of the more exciting groups on the UK indie scene. Harnessing each members’ individuality to create an energetic and captivating sound, Danny (vocals and guitar), Tim (bass) and Mattia (drums) devise a new bred of eclectic indie-rock.

Gaining coverage from international and local media, Hybrid Kid’s music has been described as “bloomin’ fantastic” by Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music) and “energetic yet leaving listeners speechless from its purity” by RGM. In short, we have to have to agree with our music industry colleagues in saying Hybrid Kid is fascinating with an enchanting enthusiasm.

Alright, so what about ‘Dropped’?

While maintaining the ‘three-minute formula’ typical of indie-rock, ‘Dropped’ has moved away from the blunt and somewhat frenzied ‘Freeze Frame’ to steadier, smoother and more dynamic alt-rock sound. Yet, while the track seems more stable, Hybrid Kid retains that unique and experimental underlying chaos of indie meets garage-rock. With catchy guitar riffs, powerful vocals and an eclectic style of their own, ‘Dropped’ shows a raw honesty in both melody and lyrics. Overall, I just like how they teeter between Supergrass and Dodgy but make it sound completely original…and that’s what Hybrid Kid is – original.

For more from Hybrid Kid check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp and Spotify.

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