Track of the Day: Lydia Briggs – Fall Back To You

Compared to the likes of Fiona Apple, Birdy and Sara Bareilles, you can imagine that Lydia Briggs would have a powerhouse voice – and this is so true. Based in Nashville, USA, the genre-bending singer-songwriter has worked with the likes renowned producer Jim Wirt, is a member of Kobalt Music Group’s AWAL Core family, and all before the age of 20. We have followed Briggs for some time now enjoying her unique style, but we’re not the only one singing praises. Featured on Our Sound Music, Rising Artists Blog, Sinusoidal Music, Indie Chronique and various playlists/radio stations, Briggs is receiving positive coverage from across the globe. The latest addition to her critically acclaimed discography is ‘Fall Back To You’.

Unlike her 2020 singles ‘Come To Me’ (read our review here) and ‘Morning’ (read our review here), Briggs appears to have added more contemporary pop beats to her sound in 2021; then again, this is only my opinion. Yes, she retains the soothing, smooth and vulnerable elements in her sound, but there seems to be an evolution in the music. Perhaps as a youngster continuing to develop as a person, she is also honing her sound to grow with her and showcase the importance of change…. then again, this is only what I think.

Similar to her upbeat single ‘Daylight’, ‘Fall Back To You’ adopts a modern-day pop style with a toe-tapping sound like a female Shawn Mendes. The thing is, while you can easily place Lydia Briggs among the top pop artists of the day, she stands out with her charming, languid and “easy on the ears” vocals. The songstress’s bold, rich tones are deceptive of her age showing far more maturity and natural skill than some of her older contemporaries. It’s the sophistication of such a young talent that surprises me each time I listen to her music.

Known for her fragility and vulnerability in poetic lyricism, Briggs has a profoundness to her songs connecting with others instantly. Described as being a mysterious and moody song, her vocal execution only heightens a sense of melancholy, surrealism and haunting ambiences. It’s like opening her diary, taking out all those intimate bits and feeling the intensity behind the evocative words. I’ll admit, I am a fan of Lydia Briggs and ‘Fall Back To You’ is another of her brilliant pieces placed on repeat for the next week or so.

For more from Lydia Briggs check out her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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