Ask Carol – Darkest Hour (2020)

With their high-powered blues meets grunge, Ask Carol is a dynamic duo based in the Norwegian mountain community of Auma. Reminiscent of artists like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Kills and Billie Eilish, the multi-instrumentalists have an attitude and distinctive grittiness to their sound. Having toured in Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Scandinavia, as well as performing at SXSW twice, the group has a sound to captivate most audiences irrespective of their background. Receiving coverage from FV Music Blog, UnRated Magazine and Rock ‘N’ Load (to name but a few), Ask Carol is gaining a reputation for engaging lyrics over forceful melodies. The latest single from the duo is ‘Darkest Hour’.

Taking their bluesy rock sound to another level, Ask Carol follows up the critically acclaimed ‘Do It In LA’ with the single ‘Darkest Hour’. Oozing raw sensuality, the passionate vocals combine with a dynamic guitar forming a sexy track for any road trip. The catchy choruses and high-powered riffs do have a certain smooth, flowing quality; however, it is the gruffness of the vocals that add a carnal flavour to the mix.

I always seem to find one thing in a song that truly captivates me, but the overwhelming impact of Ask Carol bowls me over without finding one element on which to focus. Whether it’s the heady female vocals ala Lana Del Rey and Florence & The Machine or the Eric Clapton guitar, I feel completely giddy after putting ‘Darkest Hour’ on repeat. I think what I love about this track is the charming hedonistic quality. Not necessarily two words commonly put together; however, Ask Carol brings an impassioned animal magnetism to their music that is difficult to ignore.

For more from Ask Carol check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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