The Jones Project – Mellow Drama (2020)

At some point, everyone has been critical with themselves, but sometimes things go a little too far. These moments make up ‘Mellow Drama’, the latest single from The Jones Project. Using a conversational lyricism, the single draws listeners into an introspective and internal discussion between a person and their psyche. Through this conversation, certain truths come to light and worries are eased.

A long-winded nod to the idea of not sweating the small stuff, the track considers the negative effects we have on our minds. Drawing on influences from psychedelic rock to lounge jazz, Callum Martin takes on all non-live aspects of the project on his own. The smooth sounds he creates will ease your soul and soothe any troubles you might have.

‘Mellow Drama’ hits you with a blended opening full of RnB beats and light pop sensibilities. The slide of the melody lives up to the single’s title with a mellow flow that sets you at ease. The beats have a heartbeat quality to them as they keep pace through the single while the light tones gently twinkle above your head. Each new melodic line only enhances the RnB feeling of the music that has you sitting back and relaxing.

As you sink into the soundscape, Martin’s vocals float into your brain like a silken mist. There is a slight haziness to his performance that gives it the sense of a conversation you should maybe not be listening to. The conversational structure to the lyrics is interesting as it offers a one-sided view of the discussion someone has with themselves. Through the lyrics, you are asked why you are hard on yourself and led to the realisation that you don’t have to be. Martin also highlights the negative effect being too critical can have through his laid-back flow.

‘Mellow Drama’ by The Jones Project lives up to its name with a mellow soundscape that you can relax into while the drama of being overly critical washes over you. The melody has a chilled RnB vibe to it that you sink into while the vocals use a laid-back flow to work through a one-sided conversation. By the end of the track, you feel relaxed and get the sense that you can let the little things go.

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