Atomic Bronco – Cruel (22021)

The brainchild of singer-songwriter and producer Kyle Nuss, Atomic Bronco fuses elements of alternative rock, grunge and indie-rock in his unique sound. Originally from rural America, the UK-based artist now makes music from his studio in East London. Atomic Bronco may not have much to his name on Spotify, but he is already grabbing the attention of critics across the globe. Featured on Obscure Sound and FV Music Blog, Nuss is gaining a reputation for energetic, hard-hitting and powerful music. The latest release from Atomic Bronco is the single ‘Cruel’.

Following his rock-inspired album Nightflowers, ‘Cruel’ is Atomic Bronco’s first single in 2021. Retaining his gruff classic rock meets alt-rock style, this single has a hard-hitting forcefulness in its guitar-driven melody. Yes, the guitar plays a large role in forming the dynamic tune, but the pounding drums also contribute to its gritty heaviness. Easily tossing you into a turbulent river of water, ‘Cruel’ can ensnare your senses and captivate your mind.

Using a personal narrative with the flowing melody, Atomic Bronco takes you on a journey through life in its rawest form. Swelling guitars crescendo into addictive riffs and catchy choruses before relaxing into the smoothing movement of the aforementioned river. While there seems to be a rock-inspired tone to ‘Cruel’, Atomic Bronco showcases his versatility traverses from grunge, alternative rock and post-punk.

It is easy to fall in love with the soul-stirring tune, but it is Atomic Bronco’s vocals that make you weak at the knees. Adding a dose of sensuality to the intimate lyricism, Nuss’ voice is bold, rich and tender. The thing is, while there is an enchanting tenderness in his tone there is also a gruffness tossing in an edgy devil-may-care attitude. A warmer Kurt Cobain but still invoking a bad boy roguishness.

In addition to the single, Atomic Bronco released an official music video for ‘Cruel’. Unfortunately, I was not able to watch the video in its entirety due to the strobe effects; however, I feel I should comment on what I did see. Following a pair of individuals going through exciting meetings and parties, the video is a strong visual representation of ‘Cruel’. In fact, the arrangement of music according to the visuals take you through Atomic Bronco’s message of “being cruel inside”. Of course, this is only what I gathered from a brief viewing…as I said, I wasn’t able to see the whole thing.


For more from Atomic Bronco check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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