Track of the Day: Pauly Chance – She Loves Me Not

Streaming is changing things in the music world, slowly and surely. Whether that is a good or a bad thing is open to debate, but one thing is for sure – artists are concentrating more and more on single songs rather than albums. Maybe those little black 7” round things of plastic are not on such a big comeback but artists all over seem to be concentrating on crafting a single song in the best manner they can and that is certainly a good thing. After all, if you collect a set of perfectly crafted (if there is such a thing) songs into an album that can be a good thing for the fate of the albums too!

So is there a chance that the artist Pauly Chance can come up with a song or songs that are getting close to such a lofty goal? Well, he’s been on a spree of recording single songs for a while now and ‘She Loves Me Not’ is his latest attempt. Based on this latest single of his, he might be on a good track. After all, he’s been at it since he was 11 years old listing John Mayer, The Ramones and Elvis as influences.

It maybe sounds like an interesting choice of influences, but after listening to ‘She Loves Me Not’ you realise that this sounds like a perfect 90s combination when the likes of The Pixies, Cake and Third Eye Blind turned their influences into music that is currently influencing artists. Overall, Pauly has actually turned all his influences into well-crafted single songs like ‘She Loves Me Not.’ Don’t worry Pauly, after this one there is a good chance she might love you after all.

For more from Pauly Chance check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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