Audrey Mae – Do It On My Own (2020)

There are a lot of people who are struggling, with some facing relationship problems and others with the isolation of current events. If you need a boost of strength and empowerment for any reason, Audrey Mae has your back with ‘Do It On My Own’. The anthemic single offers the helping hand you need when faced with feelings of isolation and struggling with the fear of being alone.

In collaboration with Timself, Mae started working on this single years ago. While the song was not made with the current world situation in mind, there is a lot you can relate to. Perhaps this fact makes the single more encompassing because it focuses on struggles that transcend the current situation.

‘Do It On My Own’ uses a swirling soundscape to draw you into the sound. This wavering sound gives way to something more solid with tinkling beats that make your shoulders move. Throughout the single, that swirling soundscape makes a reappearance for the chorus. The melody of this track acts primarily as a platform for Mae to launch her vocals from and she really does.

Her vocals enter softly as part of the opening swirling sound and become the solidity of the verses. When the chorus comes, you are hit with her high notes which take you by surprise the first time you listen. Her control is amazing as she hits those high notes with an ethereal grace. She is able to lead you to these notes with a very nuanced performance. The high chorus is really catchy and you might find yourself singing along knowing that you cannot reach the same notes.

Audrey Mae draws you into an expansive soundscape full of empowerment and nuanced vocals with ‘Do It On My Own’. This empowering anthem is catchy and easy to sing along to. However, you will be blown away by the power and versatility of her vocals which is on full display.

Find out more about Audrey Mae on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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