Audri – Stunted Growth (2021)

Seattle-based artist Audri is touching on a few topics with her short EP Stunted Growth. From introspections about a failed relationship to considerations of what happened to Bowie’s Major Tom, the EP is an engaging journey through flittering thoughts. With a mixture of folk and rock, Audri brings the lyrics to life while having you really thinking about what is happening to the characters.

These topics use Audri’s vocals and synths as a base while Elliot Austin, (piano, bass), Giovanni Recchi (drums, synth) and Sawyer Thompson (guitar) add their own musical stylings. As her second EP, this collection shows just what she has to offer and gets you hooked to her sound.

The EP opens with some introspection through the tones of ‘The Peak’. There is a sweet progressive feeling to the opening of the track. The movement of the melody has a waltzing feeling that leads you into the introspection of the lyrics. There is a feeling of building tension woven into the flittering notes that hover around your head. Audri’s vocals continue the waltz movement of the melody while making you really think about the failing relationship detailed in the lyrics. The high notes of her performance are sweet before she dips to drive the emotions of the track home.

‘Starry Nights’ have a dampened feeling after the opening track. This gives way to a glittering wave of cosmic energy as you are pulled forward. The music bursts like the take-off of a rocket before you are floating in space. The lyrics continue some of the introspective vibes of the opening track but have a very different focus. There is a consideration of life and how we experience it. This is given a different edge when you consider that it is Major Tom thinking these things.

The EP ends with ‘Fortune Teller’ which has a darkness to the opening. The vocals are quite different on this track as they pluck at your senses with tendrils of darkness. While she pulls at you with her vocals, Audri also fills you with a yearning for knowledge and understanding of what has been done is worth it. Dancing around the vibes of the track is a sense of escapism that has been tethered to the negative emotions of the narrative. This is a very different song but utterly beautiful in its own way. The pulses of guitars and the high notes of the vocals tug at your chest as you feel the need for a sign to come.

Through the topics of Stunted Growth, Audri has you thinking about life and feeling the emotions tug of her music. Each track has a different vibe from waltzing introspection to crying out for a sign. The EP showcases her musicality while getting you really into her sound.

Find out more about Audri on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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