Derek Xu – Stars (2020)

Derek Xu is a singer-songwriter who is heavily influenced by dream pop and shoegaze music. Playing the guitar, piano, synths and electric drums, he combines these influences with hip-hop beat patterns to get you moving. His latest release, ‘Stars’, was recorded and produced by Xu in his home.

The song was written while Xu was on a bus and the reflections of headlights in the window reminded him of stars. This dreamy love song takes an existential look at soul mates and how unbelievable it is that you can find yours in such a large world. The track also draws on the need to cherish the connect and the person once you find them.

‘Stars’ opens with a dreamy melody with equally hazy vocals. There is a surreal feeling to the whole song that helps you get into the vibe of the track. The melody is simple and you can float along with it. You can almost imagine sitting on a bus and watching the lights flash past on a rainy night.

The vocal performance is very interesting because it swings between dream pop and faster spoken word. The gentle performance allows the lyrics to seep into your subconscious. While simple, the track is gripping and you will be shocked at how quickly it seems to go by.

Derek Xu explores how unbelievable it is to find a soul mate in such a large world in the dreamy ‘Stars’. The track keeps you floating with the melody while the ethereal vocals tease your ears.

Find out more about Derek Xu on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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