Bad Love – A Place For Me (2020)

Describing themselves as “sad-boy pop”, which I think might equate with “boyband emo”, Bad Love is a group of lads who will win your heart with their puppy-dog eyes and soothing tunes. Hailing from Manchester, Bad Love is an alt-pop quintet combining the romance from Tears For Fears and The Cure with cinematic indie from Pale Waves and The 1975. Formed at the end of 2019, Bad Love is a relatively new act on the scene, but the vulnerability, emotion and raw honesty in their music will shoot them to the top quite soon. The latest from the group is ‘A Place For Me’.

The third release from Bad Love in 2020, ‘A Place For Me’ seems to be a combination of the synth-laden sounds of ‘Hurricane’ and guitar-driven ‘More Than Friends’. Seamlessly melding together to form a smooth and well-woven melody, the track is sweet and appealing to a listener creating a languid atmosphere. Lyrically, however, it’s a whole ‘nother story.

Focusing on relationships and the complex issues surrounding this topic in most of their music, ‘A Place For Me’ is Bad Love’s exploration of new love and challenges the complexity of commitment and trust after heartbreak. According to frontman Andy Gannon, “love is often a tragedy and heartbreak isn’t like the movies. This song is about trying to move on and not carry your past with you…sometimes it’s about just not wanting to be seen through the lens of a previous love.”

So, what do I think of this sad-boy pop group? In my not entirely expert opinion, but somewhere near knowing what I’m kind of talking about, ‘A Place For Me’ is an intense and hauntingly honest single. Combine Gannon’s effortless vocals with well-placed instrumentation and you have an addictive song bursting with passion and pain. The lads from Bad Love may have stepped out of a teen magazine with their charm and attractiveness, but ‘A Place For Me’ shows sophistication, maturity and something everyone (not only teens) will want to follow and adore.

Find out more about Bad Love on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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