Sukh – Airborne (2020)

There have been a lot of songs inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic focusing on everything from loneliness to anxiety and hope for the future. While ‘Airborne’ is another track inspired by the pandemic, it has a very different energy to others on the scene. Sukh, the Manchester-based singing NHS doctor, delves into the fear-induced state of mind of the nation at the start of the pandemic. He combines his cinematic signature sound with personal lyrics allowing you to easily slip into the mindset of the single.

Using an observational style for this release, the song becomes heavier than his previous work. He builds up the anxiety and panic that gripped the nation and takes a look at the darker side of human nature. While Sukh has always drawn on personal experiences to write his music, there is something more about this single.

‘Airborne’ starts big with epic guitars and flowing cinematic sounds that crash over you. There is something sinister to the melody that makes you think of something lurking around the corner or just behind you. The melody has a richness to it that is highlighted by the layers of different elements that combine to create the lush soundscape. There is something haunting about the melody that sets the hairs on the back of your neck on edge.

As the melody carries the cinematic sound of Sukh, his vocals punch through to smoothing carry the weight of the lyrics. Every word of the lyrics is relatable as we have all either felt what they describe or have seen it in others. There is a confidence in the vocal performance that takes the song to a new level.

Sukh has you feeling all the dark emotions of the pandemic as you listen to the sinister tones of ‘Airborne’. The sound has an expansive and cinematic melody, but the vocals cut through you and ground you in the ominous tones. Relatable lyrics and a confident performance punch the anxiety and stress of the single home.

Find out more about Sukh on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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