Red Skies Mourning – How Can I Believe? (2020)

Merging elements of alternative rock with hard rock and melodic metal, Red Skies Mourning is the solo project of singer-songwriter Chris Aleshire. While Aleshire has only recently embraced a solo endeavour, he already has some experience and knowledge of the music industry under his belt. After touring across the UK and US with previous bands, Aleshire drops the tone to produce more sensitive and soulful material. The latest on his growing discography is the single ‘How Can I Believe?’

Motivated by personal experiences, Aleshire uses a storytelling narrative in his singles to push the meaningful concepts of the songs. For instance, his critically acclaimed single ‘Signs From You’ is a sonic representation of isolation, confusion and despair after one of his former customer’s daughter committed suicide. ‘How Can I Believe?’ adopts another poignant narrative enhancing the human spirit’s sentimentality and fragility.

Penned over a decade ago after his father passed away, the new single exposes a more vulnerable side of Red Skies Mourning. The emotive lyricism is elegantly presented on moving melodies and charming instrumentation. Yet, while the dynamic instrumentation and infectious harmonies play a large role in creating a sincere soundscape, it is Aleshire’s off-beat vocals that carry the single to a new level. The slight obscurity and roughness of Aleshire’s Bono-esque voice complements the overwhelming guitars and lingers long after the song has ended.

For more from Red Skies Mourning check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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