Badsoma – Heat and Disorder (2021)

Badsoma has packed a lot into his single ‘Heat and Disorder’ from thumping beats to a longing for home to the inevitable cycle of life. Written over a period of two months, the single captures the ebb and flow of emotions as you take in a world you no longer completely recognise. With a sound that is introspective yet incredibly easy to dance to, Badsoma worms his way into your brain.

Bringing feelings of familiarity to a wonderful newness, this track is the culmination of years of personal and artistic growth. This makes it an idea debut release as it makes a statement about what he has to offer while offering some insight into who he is as a person. An impactful start, it has you eager for what he will release in the future.

‘Heat and Disorder’ pulses to life with a dark tone before the higher level notes float in. There is a delicate interplay between the layers of the melody that bring the contrasts of the track to life early on. The deeper beats bring a grounded while the higher electronic notes are hopeful and peaceful. Those deep beats continue throughout the single and keep you moving forward at a steady pace. The lighter tones are more airy and transient as warp, warble and twinkle against your eyelids. All the melodic elements come together for a really easy movement that you can sink back into.

This movement sets the perfect foundation for the vocals that seem to reach out while holding you close. Badsoma’s performance strokes across your skin like a light breeze before settling around your shoulders like a companionable arm. The lyrics carefully temper an intense longing for home with a sense of timelessness and the cycle of life. There is a feeling of the inevitability of change that weaves around the longing for things to stay the same. It is a rather heady combination that sinks into your brain and will not shift.

With an easy melody that brings layers of sound and meaning, Badsoma tempers longing with the inevitability of change of ‘Heat and Disorder’. As a debut single, it is a powerful statement of what is to come while filling you with a heady rush of sensation. The vocals are delicate as they float over a melody that is steady yet almost whimsical.

Find out more about Badsoma on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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