Pearl Diver – Give It All Away (2021)

With their debut single, ‘You Can Bring Your Darkness’, Pearl Diver unleashed a sophisticated, serene yet brutally honest sound into our ears. With their new single ‘Give It All Away’, they blend folk and rock for a look at what is really important. While the single celebrates everything that is great about the material world, it considers how incredible the spirit is and whether that is better than the physical.

The second single from their upcoming debut album, the track brings a classic sound to modern sensibilities. With a touch of Americana added to acoustic folk-rock tones, they have you sinking into the lovely sounds of their music. If the song on its own doesn’t get you into the vibe, the accompanying music video will with the band playing and getting in touch with something greater than the material possessions we surround ourselves with.

‘Give It All Away’ shuffles and slides into your ears with an almost decadent folk sway. There is a lightness to the music that rests on your chest like the lazy sun of a summer afternoon. You can feel your spirit being soothed by the music as you float on the easy vibe. There is something freeing about the movement of the music that has you floating away from the material plane and enjoying the intangible aspects of the world.

As you are freed and released by the music, the vocals wrap around you like a plush cushion that you sink into. The smoothness of the performance lulls you into this relaxed state that you never want to leave. In this bubble of relaxation, you are able to take into the lyrics that celebrate the release of everything that ties you down to the physical world. While the entire vocal performance is easy to float along with, the chorus is catchy in a subtle and understated way. The harmonising adds to the softness and plush feeling of the track. Every element of the track comes together to form a soothing flow that you want to get lost in.

Pearl Diver has you floating on a cloud as they celebrate a gentle liberation from the material world in ‘Give It All Away’. With a melody that combines gentle folk with the warmth of a lazy summer afternoon, the single has you relaxing into the soundscape. The vocals bring the urge to let go of material possessions and just enjoy the world and find the balm for your spirit.

Find out more about Pearl Diver on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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