Miles Grindey – Funk Right Off (Major C) (2021)

Miles Grindey filled us with an easy confidence while soothing something deep inside with ‘Stride’. Now, he has collaborated with some of the best musicians out there for the powerful grooves of ‘Funk Right Off (Major C)’. The single is packed with a little something for everything as it brings funky ditties to saxophones and gets you moving to its vibe.

Featuring Cam Lynn (bass), Nick Willsher (saxophone) and Adam Wolfe (drums), the track is full of tight arrangements that give you something new to fall in love with each time you listen. While the song started out as a rough idea, the remote contributions of the featured artists took it to a whole new level. A track with power and feeling, it hits you in an unconventional way that makes it all the more perfect.

‘Funk Right Off (Major C)’ has your foot tapping to the cymbal beats from the first moment. There is a slow build to the funky rhythm that bursts with a pluck of guitars that make your head nod to their irresistible movement. The saxophone calls out through the soundscape and leads you back into an intricate dance with the guitar. The lower levels of the melody have you tapping down the soundscape without any effort while the instrumentation pulls you into the story of the track.

While a fully instrumental single, the song tells its tale through the interplay between the different instruments. The easy funky tones of the first half of the track take a brighter turn before flowing straight back into the funky movement. This is such easy listening music that you can play it again and again. It is well worth listening to the track a couple of times because you are going to find something new that tickles the back of your brain each time. While the drums are popping, the saxophone has you sliding to its sound and the guitars get you closing your eyes to fully take them in.

Miles Grindey with the help of Adam Wolfe, Cam Lynn and Nick Willsher have you grooving to their sound and falling in love with each instrument on ‘Funk Right Off (Major C)’. The instrumental track has you tapping and shimmying to their music from the first moment to the last. The saxophone calls out while the guitars pluck and soar along the beats that are rather irresistible.

Find out more about Miles Grindey on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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