Bailey Tomkinson – Bright Red (2021)

Bailey Tomkinson is hitting out at a number of problems in the world with her single ‘Bright Read’. Taking on everything from the destruction of the Cornish Coastal Headland to societal issues of poverty and a lack of opportunities, she sets her concerns to an inspired soundscape. While taking on these topics, she also encourages listeners to look beyond superficial veneers and into the heart of the world.

Tomkinson felt the inspiration for this single in her anger over what has happened in Cornwall and how it feels like the locals are being pushed out and overlooked. While she hit the news after outselling Dua Lipa and The Pussycat Dolls to top the iTunes Video charts in February 2020, her new releases show that she is no one-hit-wonder. Pulling on relatable threads and delving into topics that affect everyone, she grips you tight and will not let go until she is ready to.

The guitar that opens ‘Bright Red’ has an almost blues rock vibe to it that has you swaying before you realise what is happening. You can easily picture a beach while listening to the melody with the ocean breeze ruffling your hair. Through the single, the melody fuses the waves of surf rock with calling Americana sensibilities. It is a really captivating melody that you get caught in and never want it to end. Throughout the track, there are guitar riffs that are masterful and utterly perfect.

While the melody easily keeps you hooked to the single, the vocals top everything perfectly. Her vocals open with a light touch of melancholy mixed with the happiness of being back somewhere you love. As the single progresses, you are filled with the sense that everything has changed due to capitalism. There is a rebuke in the track that has been artfully woven into the lyrics that tug at your emotions. Tomkinson is masterful in her emotive hits as she fills you with the happiness of being in a beloved place before slowly increasing the frustration and anger over what has happened to it.

Bailey Tomkinson fuses tones and emotions for the melodic rebuke that is ‘Bright Red’. The melody is a wash of warm yet melancholic tones that perfectly boost the vocals. As the lyrics touch on important topics, Tomkinson’s vocals are so emotive as she pumps the anger, frustration and love of the track into your veins.

Find out more about Bailey Tomkinson on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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